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David Dreves Kayaking
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David Dreves Kayaking
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Paddle Canada Level 3 Sea Kayaking
Level 3 Sea Kayaking Course provides the opportunity to develop leadership, risk-assessment, decision-making, judgment, group management, and general seamanship in the context of a multi-day journey.
Location - Broken Group Islands
Prerequisites -

Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge.
- Tripping experience: extended trips of 2 or more days totaling 10 overnights.
- Wilderness First Aid (16 hours) with CPR is strongly recommended.
- VHF radio operatorís license is recommended.
- Bronze Medallion swimming and life saving (or equivalent) is recommended
The Paddle Canada Level 3 Sea Kayaking Course provides the skills and knowledge for proficient kayaking at sea in moderate conditions, on overnight trips along a moderately exposed coastline with frequent easy landing opportunities.
Location - Broken Group Islands

Course Length
5 days including at least 2 overnight

Class ratio
1 instructor: 4 participants

Moderate winds: (12-19 knots); moderate sea state near 1 meter, occasionally rough sea state, Surf: near 1-meter;
Current less than 3 knots.

Overview of Sea Kayaking Level 3 Skills

Rescue Skills

Paddling Skills


- Assisted rescues
- Unassisted rescues
- All in rescue
- Rolling
- Towing
- Communication
- Forward stroke
- Forward sweep
- Reverse sweep 
- Reverse stroke
- Low/high brace turn
- Draw/sculling draw
- Low/high brace
- Bow/stern rudder
- Knots 
- Journeying and seamanship
- Safety
- Kayaking resources