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David Dreves Kayaking
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David Dreves Kayaking
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Basic Kayak Instructor Course
To provide a national certification in the instruction and administration of the Paddle Canada
Basic Kayak skills course.
The Introduction to Kayaking instructor is certified to 
- Conduct Paddle Canada Basic Kayak skills courses and certify paddlers at that level. 
- Assist a Level-1 Instructor on a Level-1 Skills course.
- At least 16 years of age. 
- Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level-1 Skills certification. 
- Current certification in First Aid (14 hours) with CPR.
Course length
2 days minimum

Basic Sea Kayak Instructor
Class ratio
1 trainer: 6 participants
Staff must consist of at least one Basic Kayak Instructor Trainer.

Enclosed and sheltered with easy landing options immediately present.
Appropriate portions of this course can be taught in a pool.
First Aid Policy for Courses Operating in the Wilderness
Beginning in 2015, instructors are required to have Wilderness First Aid (16 hour) as a minimum
whenever they are teaching in a location where the length of time for medical care to reach
them is greater than an hour. If you are uncertain to the length of time to medical care, please
complete and maintain Wilderness First Aid certification.
Please refer to the First Aid Requirements and Standards section for more information.
Wind calm (< 8 knots) Sea state calm to rippled.
Instructor candidates will understand the use of and demonstrate the “Hand of God” rescue on
various body types and sizes.

Basic Kayak Skills Assessment Guidelines
The paddler will complete or demonstrate:

- Demonstrate torso rotation when asked.
- Nose plug can be worn (not diving mask). 
- Skirt must be in place over the cockpit. 
- Shows control i.e. can stay under water and knock the hull 3
- Acts as rescuer & swimmer. 
Lifting a kayak
- Use leg muscles to lift the kayak. 
- While lifting keep a straight back and avoid flexing forward.
Safety on the water
- Shows group awareness (stay within group limit) and comply with
instructor’s instructions.